Association Collections and Foreclosures

Associations rely upon the timely collection of assessments to operate and provide the services the covenants require.  Undoubtedly, assessments are the life-blood of the Association.  Without these funds, the Association cannot operate as needed and the health of the Association declines.  Having trusted counsel guide the Board through these times is more important than ever.   HLG has extensive experience in helping Associations collect unpaid assessments and defending their interests when mortgages are being foreclosed.

In these difficult economic times, Associations just cannot afford to fly blindly into the foreclosure storm. Lenders are moving their business to highly specialized firms to protect their interests, and homeowners are seeking counsel at greater rates than ever before. Associations must find legal representation that has first-hand experience in this arena, somebody who has been in the trenches, argued before the judges, and worked with and against the lenders and foreclosure defense bar.

It is also critical to have an attorney that will review each account as an individual matter to work closely with the Association to develop the best possible plan based upon the unique factors prevalent in that particular case. An Association can be seriously misled by an attorney who treats each and every collection matter equally. Not all cases are equal, thus not all cases call for the same action. At HLG, we take the time to learn as much as possible about each and every collection matter we receive. We discuss all possible options with our Association partners, knowing that together, we can find the best possible solution to each and every individual matter.

Finally, Associations need to have accurate and timely information. Whether there are dozens of delinquent accounts “at the attorney” or just one, Board Members are constantly being asked by their members “what is happening?” An Association needs access to this information, whenever they need it. HLG provides its Association partners with clear, concise, and timely information at all times. Clients of HLG have access to complete and updated status reports through this website, downloadable from anywhere they have web-access.  We customize our reports to meet the individual needs of each and every Association.  No longer are Associations required to just accept whatever format a law firm may use, but instead each Association works closely with the Halpern Law Group to design an individual style of report that best meets their needs.  This level of responsiveness and flexibility is  just one of the many benefits HLG offers its clients. 

To learn more about how your collection and foreclosure needs can be satisfied through better service, and at a lower cost to your bottom line, please contact HLG today.