Halpern Hallmarks

The Halpern Law Group was founded because individuals, Community Associations, and local corporations needed better legal representation at a lower cost. In order to accomplish this goal, HLG has dedicated itself to the following Hallmarks:

Honesty and Respect

This is a two-pronged concept, which seeks to expose the fallacy of the common phrase: “client is always right.” While other firms may abide by this concept, it does a disservice to the client and to the legal field in general. An attorney is a counselor in the truest sense, a person that must counsel a client to help that person make the best possible decision. Abiding by whatever whim a client presents to an attorney is both cowardice and fraught with doom. While a client should always be respected, it is equally clear that nobody is “always right” including the client. This may be especially true when it comes to complex legal matters. An attorney shows respect not by giving in to every client whim, but by taking the time to learn as much as possible about the client’s situation, needs, and desires. The attorney then must be honest with the client about what can be done in each situation, whether limited by the law or the facts. The attorney must also be honest with himself or herself about whether the client’s decisions are truly appropriate or realistic in accomplishing the goals as set. An attorney does not operate with honesty or respect if he or she will do almost anything the client requests so long as the invoices are paid on time.

At HLG, the attorney takes the time to meet with the client at every possible stage of the relationship so as to best understand the facts of the situation, and to understand the needs and the goals of the client. HLG gives a clear interpretation of the situation and respects the client enough to provide an honest expectation of the possible results. All clients deserve this level of honesty and respect.

Innovation and Education

Built on a history of teaching and guidance, the Halpern Law Group is focused on innovation in the practice of law and on the education of the client in all aspects of their case. Keeping the client educated on the developments of their case, is just one part of this concept. It also includes educating the client on the various aspects of the attorney-client relationship to allow them to be better consumers. Keeping a client in the “dark” is both unacceptable and dangerous. Every lawyer has the ethical duty to keep his or her clients informed, but few will take the time to truly educate the client on every detail of a matter. HLG takes this duty to heart, and dedicates every action to providing clients with the knowledge necessary to be a truly equal partner in the attorney-client relationship.

Innovation goes hand-in-hand with the concept of education. HLG has partnered with the developers of state-of-the-art legal practice tools and software, to create a highly specialized and unique software program that takes advantage of all the advanced technology available.

However, innovation is not exemplified by just the sophisticated tools available to the Halpern Law Group. It is also shown in the focus HLG has for innovative ideas and creative solutions. One such innovation is shown by focusing on exceeding the clients’ expectations for customization. Other firms use their software to automate their actions, but in turn force their clients to fit into the firm’s structure, regardless of what the client wants or needs. That is absolutely the wrong way to use technology. At the Halpern Law Group, the development of a highly customizable system allows the Firm to be more efficient, but also provides flexibility to meet each and every need of a client. The system can customize reports, information, and documents to meet your needs, without increasing your legal costs.

Take the time to contact the Halpern Law Group today to learn more about the Halpern Hallmarks and how HLG can provide you with the type of client-service you want at the price you can afford.