Message from the CEO

David Harris Halpern was born in Chicago, Illinois, but has lived in South Florida since 1973.  Instilled with great Midwestern values for hard work, honesty, and personal responsibility, he has spent a lifetime in higher education and the practice of law.

After graduating from the University of Illinois in 1991, David began his teaching career at the University of Florida.  While working on a master’s degree and then a doctorate degree in the school of mass communication, David taught both large lecture classes and small practical courses in broadcast news writing and screenwriting.  While teaching and pursuing his advanced degrees, David published two research articles on political communications and presented 12 research papers at national conferences on a variety of topics, from information processing strategies to persuasion theories.

A new challenge awaited in 2000, a Goodwin Scholarship to Nova Southeastern Law School.  David graduated summa cum laude, the highest honors, while also holding an executive board position on the Nova Law Review and a position in the school’s Moot Court, all the while working 25 hours a week as a law clerk at an outstanding, mid-sized Broward law firm specializing in medical malpractice defense and general insurance defense cases.

Upon graduation from law school, David turned down several offers to work for some of the top law-firms in the State, and instead accepted a prestigious offer to work for the Fourth District Court of Appeal in West Palm Beach Florida.  He served in multiple capacities, from an “elbow” clerk for the Honorable Bobby W. Gunther, to a senior Staff Attorney for the entire Court.  His practice with the District Court involved every type of case that would pass through the system, from direct appeals to , extraordinary Writs,  and to post-conviction appeals.  David also was appointed to serve as the original Court liaison to the Florida Supreme Court in its diversity initiative program.

David’s private practice career began with insurance defense and appellate practice, but ultimately found his way to the world of Condominiums, HOAs and Cooperatives.  David has had the pleasure to work with hundreds of different Associations throughout Florida, from as far north as Jacksonville, to the Tampa -Orlando corridor, to the Southwest Coast communities of Lee and Collier County, to the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast.  David has represented Associations in contested litigation in 14 different Judicial Circuits throughout the State.

Mr. Halpern has also had extensive experience representing developers in a host of litigation and contractual issues.  Further, David has helped many individuals in their real estate-related concerns, and several small businesses with a variety of legal issues.

David is committed to his representation of Associations and individuals alike.  He treats his clients as partners in every endeavor, working closely with all who seek his assistance.