Corporate Counsel and Collections

Every business needs competent and cost-effective legal representation to guide them through the myriad of issues that arise from time to time.  Unfortunately, many small and mid-sized businesses mistakenly believe they cannot afford quality representation.  Instead, they “go-it-alone” and far too often learn the hard way just how expensive that can be.  In the end, most companies learn that quality representation would have been much less expensive then they first thought and certainly less costly than the problems that arose after trying to be their own lawyer.  Don’t make that same mistake, contact the Halpern Law Group today.

The Halpern Law Group can help corporations with a variety of services.  If you need to set up a corporate entity, or file documents with the State, we can help. If you need assistance negotiating contracts with vendors or other third-parties, or if you need assistance enforcing contracts already entered into, the Halpern Law Group can provide you with the knowledge and guidance your business needs to be protected and to thrive and to grow even in these difficult economic times.

Business Collections

If your company has a problem with ever-increasing account receivables, the Halpern Law Group is ready to help.  We provide collection services for any type of account, no matter how much you are owed, large or small.  We offer flexible terms that meet your individual needs, from cases with no up-front costs or fees to cases with reasonable hourly rates.  We have the experience and ability to customize a solution for your particular business and each individual case.

Aside from providing the collection services, we also provide consulting services to get to the root of your growing receivables problem.  We can help you minimize future problems by providing innovative ideas and solutions.  We take the time to review your contracts and engagement letters to make sure you have the strongest protections available.  We will also take the time to discuss the methodology you use for tracking your receivables and devise solutions that will help you steer clear of future problems and solve avoidable issues sooner. 

Contract the Halpern Law Group today to schedule your free initial consultation to learn how much value there is in high-quality legal representation.